Ricky Martin defends Versace murder drama as respectful

Aug 10, 2017

Ricky Martin says he reassured Gianni Versace's longtime partner that their relationship is treated respectfully in a TV drama about Versace's 1997 murder.

Trump tough talk on North Korea seen in 1999 TV interview

Aug 9, 2017

President Donald Trump has a history of tough talk on North Korea _ and for evidence of that, you can go back to a 1999 interview that's circulating online

Anchor sets record for longest career as TV news broadcaster

Aug 9, 2017

This just in: A New York television news anchor officially holds the world record for longest career as a TV news broadcaster

Danes to Israel: Don't shut down Al-Jazeera's bureau

Aug 9, 2017

Danish journalists' union appeals on Israel not to shutter Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera network

Disney to launch streaming services for movies, live sports

Aug 9, 2017

Disney is launching a new streaming service for its movies, and an ESPN service for some - but not all - sports

Nielsen: 'America's Got Talent' and America loves 'GOT'

Aug 8, 2017

Sports, talent derbies, news and voyeurism kept unscripted fare high on the Nielsen roster last week

Q&A: Why some countries are trying to muzzle Al-Jazeera

Aug 8, 2017

Q&A: A look at why some governments are trying to muzzle Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based news network

MSNBC surges as home for Trump opponents

Aug 7, 2017

Ratings milestones illustrate MSNBC's surge as a go-to network for President Donald Trump's opponents

Israeli court: Netanyahu must show call logs with US backer

Aug 7, 2017

Israel's Supreme Court rules Benjamin Netanyahu must reveal phone call logs with U.S. casino mogul Sheldon Adelson as police press ahead with investigations into corruption cases involving the prime minister

Joining Arab states, Israel says it plans to ban Al-Jazeera

Aug 6, 2017

Israel's communications minister has said he wants to shut down pan-Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera in the country

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