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Newspaper: More women accuse US judge of sexual conduct

Dec 16, 2017

The Washington Post says nine more women allege they were subject to inappropriate sexual conduct or comments by a prominent U.S. appeals court judge

Spurlock's 'Super Size Me' sequel pulled from Sundance fest

Dec 16, 2017

Morgan Spurlock's 'Super Size Me' sequel will not premiere at the Sundance Film Festival as planned

Chairs fly at political meeting, holiday bash in Mexico City

Dec 16, 2017

A dueling political meeting and holiday concert in Mexico City turns ugly with members of rival political parties hurling chairs at each other

Mourners bow, pray over casket of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Dec 16, 2017

Government workers, local celebrities and residents who didn't personally know late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee streamed past his body to say goodbye to the city's leader of seven years

Disney-Fox deal may create a new nerdy nirvana

Dec 16, 2017

Disney $52 billion purchase of Fox seals rift in Marvel, 'Star Wars' universes but it will be unavoidable online and in theaters

Facebook: Social media scrolling can make you feel bad

Dec 16, 2017

It's not quite like tobacco companies warning about the dangers of smoking, but Facebook is acknowledging something many already know: Passively scrolling through social media can make you feel bad

With obesity on rise, Paris reflects on mirrored 'fatphobia'

Dec 15, 2017

Image-conscious Paris has launched a public awareness campaign to counter an often disregarded form of discrimination: sizeism

Amazon making nice, prepares sales of Apple TV, Chromecast

Dec 15, 2017

Amazon is preparing to call a truce in its two-year-old battle with Apple and Google"

Prosecutors decline to charge rapper Nelly with rape

Dec 15, 2017

Prosecutors in Washington state say they cannot proceed with a rape case against the rapper Nelly because the accuser is not cooperating

Music Review: Eminem sounds alive on 'Revival'

Dec 15, 2017

Music Review: Eminem sounds alive on 'Revival,' tackling race and spitting harsh words about President Donald Trump

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